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Mass Intentions

vThe Fifth Sunday In Ordinary Time
Saturday, February 10
St. Hubert                             4:00 PM  Thomas Smith by Fouad John
Sunday, February 11
SS. Cyril & Methodius         9:00 AM   Patty Blair by Uncle Charles Balas
St. Hubert                           11:00 AM   Donald Gray by SH Rosary Society
SS. Cyril & Methodius          5:30 PM   Marianne Humbert by Sister, Pauline Lorence

Monday, February 12
SS. Cyril & Methodius         8:00 AM  Sheila Rerko by Karen Reckard
Tuesday, February 13
SS. Cyril & Methodius         8:00 AM  Health of Sr. Elizabeth Steve by Family

Wednesday, February 14  (Ash Wednesday)
St. Hubert                             8:00 AM   Rose Novacich by Helen Kocerka Family
SS. Cyril & Methodius         6:00 PM   Andrew Sedlock by Elaine, Geoffrey & Gregory Kessler

Thursday, February 15
SS. Cyril & Methodius         8:00 AM  Dan Clark by Wife, Frances
Friday, February 16
SS. Cyril & Methodius         8:00 AM   Walter Krzanowski, Sr. by M/M Walter Krzanowski, Jr.

The First Sunday of Lent
Saturday, February 17
St. Hubert                             4:00 PM  Anthony Sweder by Sweder Family
SS. Cyril & Methodius         6:00 PM   Bill McLaughlin by Mary Ann, Kent, Greg & Families

Sunday, February 18
SS. Cyril & Methodius         9:00 AM   Robert Brnich by Mary Brnich & Family
St. Hubert                           11:00 AM   Special Intention for Peace by Anonymous
SS. Cyril & Methodius          5:30 PM   Sylvia Kisko Rechichar by Family


‚ÄčIf Mass is for your family member or loved one, please come to Mass a little early and let one of the ushers know that you would like to carry forward the offertory gifts.  Thank you for your help in this matter.