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Congratulations!  As you welcome this child into your life and ask for baptism in the church, you are accepting the responsibility to form them in the Catholic faith becoming a Christ-centered family.  Baptism is the initial, foundational Sacrament in the life of the church.  Through water and the Spirit, a child becomes a new creation in the Body of Christ, a member of the church, and heir to the Kingdom of Heaven.  Since the sacrament of baptism is the first step of a life long journey of faith, all parents are encouraged to call the parish office to make the necessary arrangements well in advance and great care must be taken to prepare for the sacrament.  

As a Parent, you  provide the greatest example and influence for your child:

  • You must be registered and active in the sacramental life at one of our Four parishes.
  • Be willing to raise your child in the Catholic faith
  • Attend a Baptism preparation class which covers: understanding the sacrament, the role of Christian parenting, choosing godparents, and understanding the actual ritual.  Classes should be scheduled three months prior to birth date.  Call the office at 724-437-4441 to make an appointment. Parents are to contact the parish office before making any plans for the Baptism.  



Much thought should be given to select Godparents.  The role of the godparent is a Spiritual role.  They provide example and support to you the parent and the child.  To sponsor another person in the Catholic faith assumes that the person is a committed and practicing Catholic and that he/she wishes to journey with their  "godchild" throughout life. The church's requirements for sponsorship of another person are as follows:

  1. The sponsor should be 16 years of age or older.
  2. The sponsor must be a fully initiated Catholic. That is, he/she has received the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and Eucharist.
  3. The sponsor is a practicing Catholic and actively living their faith. That is they are registered as an active member in a parish, receive the Eucharist, attend Mass regularly, and seek confession regularly.
  4. The sponsor is in good standing with the church, not bound by a canonical penalty.  If the sponsor is married, the marriage must be a valid, sacramental marriage.
  5. Not the father or mother of the one being baptized
  6. If a second sponsor is a non-Catholic Christian, they may be a Christian Witness 
     The Diocese of Greensburg has official qualifications of baptism sponsors, as well as the appropriate number of sponsors required.

To Schedule a Baptism

  1. All family information must be obtained and up to date.
  2. Godparents must meet the sponsor requirements and sponsor certificates from his/her parish need to be turned in to the office.    

         Only then will the date and time of baptism be chosen.

Baptisms are currently celebrated following the last scheduled Mass at the preferred parish.  Baptisms are not scheduled during the season of Lent.

We are excited to welcome this new life into our family.